Apartment Building Owners Insurance

Apartment Building Owners!

Need insurance? Choose Strive Insurance Group! We’ve got your building covered, making sure it stays safe and protected. We understand every building is different and special in its own way, so we:

  • Talk to you and learn about your building.
  • Find a plan that fits just right for your property and wallet.

We don’t just cover regular apartments but also special ones like:

  • Student housing (for folks in school),
  • Senior housing (for our treasured elders),
  • Apartments that are being furnished or fixed up.

What can we cover for you?

  • Boiler/Machinery: Special coverage for heaters and machines.
  • Business Contents: Protect the stuff inside the building.
  • Commercial Auto: Covering cars and trucks used for the business.
  • Commercial Umbrella: Extra safety net on top of other insurances.
  • Equipment Breakdown: If machines or tech stop working.
  • General Liability Coverage: In case someone gets hurt on your property.
  • Professional Liability: Protection if people say your service caused a problem.
  • Property Insurance: Keep the building safe.
  • Workers Compensation: Keeping your workers safe and cared for.

We work with top-notch companies to give you the best prices and plans, whether your building is big, small, old, or new! Strive Insurance Group is here to help you step by step. Let’s keep your building and everything in it super safe together! 👍🏠

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